Anyone who uses a mobile application for accessing their Video Surveillance system has seen the power and utility of the Phone and Tablet video camera access capabilities. The Video Security systems today utilize mobile streaming at 1080p resolutions and at 30 fps offering instant access to home or business cameras at any time and any location.

All the major security camera manufacturers have two components, VMS for Video Management System that manages the multi-camera system, sets video recordings, and is generally the hub of the universe in the security camera world. Secondly, the mobile application running on the Security Guard’s tablet, the executives mobile phone, and the warehouse managers laptop that provides instant access to live security video across any facility, as well as video recordings played back with specified timeframes, motion events, and audio if available.

The key to many mobile applications is speed and software applications such as HikVision VMS-4500 and GeoVision’s GV-Eye mobile security applications can provide live video feed access within seconds allowing security personnel and/or business personnel observing a manufacturing center to virtually be at any location, at anytime. By gaining access to all cameras in seconds, the business owner or security personnel has instant access to critical areas 24 x 7 and the business owner can monitor the facility and production at their desk, in their car, or at the airport. Access to production and manufacturing facilities has shown an increase of productivity and management feels more connected to the facility despite their travel schedule.

Android or iOS Apple Devices can be used to remotely monitor the live video feed from a DVR, NVR, or directly from IP camera. Upload Network speed at the Device location is key to the resolution, frame rate, and quality of the video received. Although, slower network speeds can still be used if resolution and frame rate are lowered, an upload speed increase will allow full compressed resolution and usable frame rate of above 15 fps.

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Control of a robotic camera is one of the great benefits of remote camera access. With the ability to control the rotation of the camera and ability to zoom to 30x, the PTZ camera provides the security camera system user with the ability to look all around and focus on areas not available to fixed cameras. With software control, a PTZ camera can auto-rack a subject or be a “rover camera” that can cover large areas with control on any device.

Mobile Devices are the prominent application in access control systems for the home or business. By accessing certain areas and controlling various devices, mobile applications on Tablets and Smart Phones are increasingly adding control of temperature and doors to monitoring critical areas such as business centers and retail stores. GeoVision’s GV-Access provides automated controls for buildings and entry gates with advanced applications such as face-recognition and License Plate Recognition.

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