Security Camera Package

Perfect for Homeowners or Small Businesses

Contractors, installers, and larger businesses buy individual CCTV products, but homeowners and small businesses need an easier, faster solution – meet the pre-built security camera package.

A notch above the systems at electronics stores and big box retailers,  real surveillance system packages are designed from the ground up to include high quality, affordable components that are easy to install and will serve you well.

What’s in the box?

Each package comes with the digital video recorder (DVR), security cameras, cables (pre-cut and terminated), and power supplies. Many of our packages also come with one or more warning signs to place in a window or on your lawn. No matter where you buy the system from, there will typically be options as far as how many cameras and what quality. Since network cameras are becoming more and more relevant, there may also be IP system package options.

Which security camera package is right for me?

It depends almost entirely on your living/office arrangement and how many doors, windows, gates, rooms, or cash registers you want to monitor.

Surveillance system packages for homes

If you live in a relatively standard home with a front and back door, a garage, and a yard, a simple 4 channel security camera package will probably work just fine. Typically, there will be two indoor and two outdoor cameras in an entry-level package, so you could have one outdoor camera covering your front walk and one for your back yard, then the indoor cameras could cover your living area, perhaps with a view of the front door, and the other could watch over the office, a bedroom, or some other area.

For larger homes and estates, you may consider an 8 or 16 camera system, depending on the number of entrances, exits, windows, gates, and external buildings you may want to monitor.

CCTV packages for businesses

Businesses need to monitor more than just entrances and exits. There are offices, cash registers, merchandise displays, kitchens, and other areas, as well as employee behavior, all of which may need to be recorded.

For small businesses, a 4 channel package may still suffice, but for some, and the majority of medium and large businesses, consider starting with at least an 8 channel CCTV package. The worst that could happen is you end up having a camera or two that you can place in a non-essential location to further deter criminal activity.

Make sure that all entrances, exits, and areas of value are covered. If you have a large storefront made of glass, make sure the entire area is covered. If you are surveying cash registers, make sure you have a good angle so you can see the employee working, not just the back of their head. Remember also, kitchens and break rooms are places where accidents can happen, and it’s good to monitor those areas against fraudulent claims against the company.

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