The surveillance industry is going IP

Today’s CCTV security and surveillance industry, as well as access control, is quickly moving towards network based technology, rather than analog systems. Pricing is going down, and market share is going up.

IP security cameras have their own IP address, much like a computer or any other device on a network, and compress and stream video to a network video recorder on the network that stores the footage for playback (or live viewing).

Primary benefits of network cameras

  • Higher resolution
  • Better image quality
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Can use existing network infrastructure where feasible
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) compatible
  • Wireless capabilities on certain models
  • Use camera as a speaker on certain models
  • Mobile & remote viewing – iPhone, iPad, laptop, anywhere with an internet connection

IP CCTV cameras have all the same features of analog cameras, but with the above benefits, and more!

They come in your standard form factors, including dome, box, bullet, and cube, and you can get pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) models, too. Night vision isn’t an issue, either, as plenty of infrared models are available. Looking for a robust outdoor CCTV camera? No problem, there’s several good models for that, too!

Who’s making them?

We have tested a large variety of IP cameras over the last few years, and we have chosen to carry 6 specific brands that meet our standards.

  1. GeoVision IP Cameras
  2. D-Link IP Cameras
  3. Veilux IP Cameras
  4. Axis IP Cameras
  5. Vivotek IP Cameras
  6. Arecont IP Cameras

Don’t worry, the ApexCCTV technical team will continue to test, evaluate, and re-evaluate the market to make sure we are carrying the latest and greatest.

Integration with Analog Systems – You don’t have to start over.

Don’t want to trash your analog surveillance system and integrate a whole new IP-based solution?

No problem!

We offer several options for hybrid analog/IP systems – just give us a call and we will find something that fits your needs.

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