IP Cameras have changed the spectrum of camera capabilities and quality video. HD Cameras over existing Coax are also a great choice in improving video quality in facility security cameras. The performance or HD over Coax, and costs factored in to existing coax cabling, provide great opportunities for ApexCCTV’s HikVision Turbo HD product line with 1080p Video over existing coax cabling.

The benefit of HD Over Coax is utilizing the same cabling that low resolution analog cameras are currently connected to and achieving the same benefits of IP cameras of high resolution and detailed video many times 4x the resolution/quality of the old analog cameras. The quality of the Turbo HD camera systems from HikVision is outstanding and the coax cabling allows two-way communication with the camera allowing detailed setup with each camera along with PTZ control and two-way audio.

Replacement of an analog camera with a HD Turbo camera takes approximately 20 minutes per camera. The replacement of the old DVR with a new HD-DVR takes approximately 45 minutes to setup. If your current cameras are powered with +12 VDC. no connections are changed and the new system will offer remote access through the iPhone, Droid, or iPad offering high definition from any device.

Latency issues with IP camera systems are common today. The delay is typically in the live view of the camera coming from the NVR unit, and this delay is an issue with security guard monitoring, or critical site monitoring. In most applications it is not an issue, however in a realtime environment, a delay of 2-3 seconds is critical. There are many IP systems in production today that “dummy down” the system to overcome this lag issue by lowering resolution, framework, etc.. HD Over Coax does not experience any lag issues and provides the same quality video at 2MP IP cameras at 1080p Video.

IP Cameras are an excellent choice in any CCTV Security Video system today. The lagging issues are something to consider and overcome with live feeds and other monitoring integration options. The quality of video and the choice of IP cameras make them “The choice” in any New Installation. However, our recommendation to owners of existing analog camera systems is to strongly consider replacing them with the new HikVision Turbo HD Over Coax technology. With resolutions of 720p or 1080p and the low cost of replacement, consider the Apex CCTV Turbo HD system when you are ready to upgrade.

Turbo HD and IP Cameras can be seen at the ApexCCTV Website: http://www.apexcctv.com/
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