GeoVision Software V8.5.7.0

The latest version of GeoVision’s CCTV camera surveillance software has been released. Find out more below.

GeoVision v8.5.7.0 Download Links, New Features, and Fixes.

Download GeoVision v8.5.7.0 here

Download GeoVision GV-AView for Android in the Google Play Store.

Get GeoVision GV-iView for Apple devices on iTunes.

We are excited to bring you GeoVision’s latest software release, v8.5.7.0, which includes some great new features, such as Windows 8 Support and digital PTZ support improvements, as well as several bug fixes and feature improvements that we are sure some of you guys have been waiting for.

Please a detailed list of this version’s highlights below.

New Features

  • Support for Windows 8 (32 and 64-bit) and Server 2012 (64-bit)
  • Digital PTZ for cameras without physical PTZ functions
  • PIP function for dewarped fisheye view under Single View Mode
  • Support for video settings and dual streaming of cameras connected through ONVIF
  • Support for postponing the live view decoding time to improve video smoothness
  • Set Language tool to manually set GeoVision software and applications to English
  • Support for GV-3D People Counter in GV-IP Device Utility
  • Support for Geovision GV-FE2301, GV-FE4301, GV-BL1200, GV-BL1300, GV-BL1210, GV-BL2410, GV-BL3410, GV-BL5310, GV-BL2400, GV-BL3400, GV-FD1200, GV-FD2400, GV-FD3400, GV-FD5300, GV-FD1210, GV-FD2410, GV-FD3410, GV-PT130D, GV-PT220D, GV-PT320D, GV-UBX1301 Series, GV-UBX2301 Series, GV-UBX3301 Series, GV-UBL1211, GV-UBL2411, GV-UBL3411, GV-UBL1301 Series, GV-UBL2401 Series, GV-UBL3401 Series
  • Support for AXIS IP cameras Q6035-E
  • Support for AXIS IP cameras: M3007, P3354, P3364, Q1604 through ONVIF connection
  • Support for Bosch NBN-921-P through ONVIF connection
  • Support for VIVOTEK IP cameras: FD8135H, FD8162, FD8372, FE8172, IP8172, IP8335H, IP8362, MD8562, SD8323E, SD8362E

Bug Fixes

  • Main System:
    • Inability to apply minimum Alert Interval under schedule monitoring when motion or I/O trigger occur continuously
    • Inability to detect the model of GV-CA120 and GV-CA220 using Auto Detect
    • Failure for GV-Skype Video Utility to support video transmission with Skype V6.0.0.126
    • Inability to display camera name, password hint and I/O device name in Japanese characters using Japanese OS
    • Inability to record audio in Geo-Audio codec to storage partition greater than 2 TB
    • Horizontally reversed text overlay upon input trigger in Hebrew
    • Occasional failure to transmit POS transaction data to GV-System when file path of POS Text Sender is set to a network storage
    • Inability to apply user-defined fps setting and resetting GV-SD200 to 30 fps after reconnection
  • ViewLog 
    • Connecting to incorrect IP address in Remote ViewLog when some digits repeated with another IP address that has been connected before
    • Inability to enter domain names that exceed 22 characters in Remote ViewLog
    • Restarting playback in ViewLog and Remote ViewLog after switching screen division during event playback
  • WebCam and Remote Applications 
    • Possible system restart of Center V2 or VSM server when multiple events occur
    • Possible disappearance of Geo Fisheye (dewarping functions for GV Fisheye cameras) functions through WebCam server when two or more fisheye cameras are installed at GV-System

Improved Features

  • Main System
    • Improved GPU decoding efficiency and reduced memory usage by GV-System
    • Support for recording frame rate settings upon I/O trigger of analog cameras
    • Maximum system idle protection time extended from 5 minutes to 4 hours
    • Network Failure Detection function to trigger an output device when connection with a network host is interrupted
    • Minimum duration for video lost where the output device will only be triggered if the connection lost time exceeded the specified minimum duration
  • ViewLog
    • Support for connecting GV-Recording Server, GV-Backup Server and GV-Backup Center using Remote ViewLog Service
    • Automatic switch to PIP mode after zooming in when video resolution exceeds ViewLog Panel
    • Support for Panorama View in Remote ViewLog
  • WebCam and Remote Applications
    • Support for notifications with pre-event and post-event recordings attachments for the following event types: Video Lost, Video Signal Resumption, Intruder, Missing Object, Unattended Object, Crowd Detection, Advanced Unattended Object, Advanced Scene Change, Advanced Missing objection (for Center V2 and Dispatch Server)
    • Notifications mechanism of GV-System for Center V2 and VSM server, which allows for notifications to be sent according to user-defined schedule without installing I/O devices to the GV-System
    • Support for Multi Windows on Chrome, Safari and Firefox, with which the user can now remotely select and display up to 16 out of 32 GV-System live views
    • Live view resolution on mobile devices from CIF to VGA using GV-AView V1.3.1 (for android devices) and GV-iView V2.3 (for iPhone and iPod Touch)


  • August 7, 2013 Brian says:

    Downloaded this package (GeoVision v8.5.7.0) but I dont understand what pieces are needed for GV-NVR. I see 17 different installers here

  • Jason
    August 7, 2013 Jason says:

    Hi Brian,

    For the GV-NVR, you are looking for the DVR_v8.5.7.0 archive in the “Paid” folder.

    If you extract that archive to a new folder, open that folder, then execute the SETUP file/application, your installation will begin.

    When the setup asks you to select the “setup type”, you would chose “GV-NVR” at the top of the list, and continue the setup.

    I hope that answers your question. Let us know if you have any others.

  • August 8, 2013 Brian says:

    That’s perfect thank you very much

  • September 23, 2013 Julio says:


    Can i use this software for GV-600 v3.50 and v4.20 BNC cards?

    • Kenny Empey
      September 24, 2013 Kenny Empey says:

      Great question Julio. Geo’s software will work on v3.5 & v4.2 for the GV-600, but only on the 32 bit versions. You shouldn’t see any problems running it.

      • October 1, 2013 Julio says:

        Thank you very much for answer!
        The GV-600 cards are working perfectly on W7 32-bits.

  • September 26, 2013 a.d says:

    Multiviews 8.5.7 dont work on MS surface Pro installed on the desktop. Has any one gotten this to work?

    • October 3, 2013 David Peterson says:

      I would contact GeoVision directly regarding running 8.5.7 on the MS Surface Pro. There are several factors (chipset, etc) that may not be compatible, but they may be working on a solution.

  • October 18, 2013 John Agnew says:

    I would like to run my GV-600 on windows 8 but the error I recieve is “can’t find keypro”

    The card worked perfectly in the last version on windows7 I would hate to have to re-install windows 7 to get the card working again. Can you suggest a fix if possible?


    • David
      October 23, 2013 David says:

      From my understanding in talking with GeoVision, all cards that were supported in Windows 7 are still supported in Windows 8. I would go back a make sure you installed the Drivers that are included in the installation package. The drivers do NOT automatically install with the MultiCam software. If after that you are still having trouble either contact your retailer or GeoVision directly.

  • November 20, 2013 José says:

    I need a license to run it? there any way to change the language to Spanish?

  • December 9, 2013 Bill Canton says:

    I have a 2 quick questions – from what i understand, this new update will run on my gv-800 (vers. 4.x) i believe. I noticed it said win 8 support. I wonder if they have also included support for Windows 8 Phone support. The owner of the business here just got a Nokia LUmia 1020 and was to do the remote view app. Ive been googling with not much other than the same question. ALso, if it DOESNT work, do you guys recommend other options like using the phone Browser or even the skype option. thanks for your help and feedback

    • December 9, 2013 Bill Canton says:

      Update: I called geovision tech and they said there is no app that will run on Windows phone 8. He told me to look into running from browser BUT Win Phn 8 doesnt do ‘Active-X’ …sooo, other than using VNC or some other type (Maybe Skype) …then there are limited options unless your using an I-phone or android device. Ill update any futher information …but if anyone does find a reasonable solution, i would appreciate any input. Last but not least, I am curious to what the mobile skype option does. Do it stream live video of the selected Cameras? (we dont have any PTZ’s at the moment)

  • December 31, 2013 Jo Anne Bryant says:

    I’m trying to view recorded days but every 5 mins. it stops and jumps back. I have to get out of it and start all over again. Also I can only store 4 days at a time, and I often need to look back over a week or two. My IT guy has had no luck with this. Keep your answer SIMPLE, as I don’t know alot about the system. Thanks.
    (See forum thread for answer to this question)

  • June 6, 2014 Paulo Rocha says:

    Do you know if the facial detection works fine on this software?

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