GeoVision GV-1480B-16-DVI DVR Card

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) cards are an easy and cost effective way to turn most computers into a security camera video recording server.

GeoVision DVR Cards

GeoVision is one of the leading manufacturers in the DVR industry.

Known for their picture quality and performance, GeoVision digital video recorder cards provide MPEG-4 and/or H.264 video compression, high-speed processing, and feature-rich, user friendly software that allows you to view and record multiple cameras easily.

Point of Sale Integration

Retail and business users benefit from POS Live View. In a point-of-sale environment, you can view live or recorded video alongside transaction details, allowing you to keep a close eye on each sale and reconcile discrepancies.

A Variety of Choices

There are a number of channel and frame rate options offered by GeoVision across their DVR card lineup. Below is a quick table comparing the models that we carry:

Series Channels View/Record FPS Bus Type Link
GV-600B 4 30/30 PCI-E DVI View Product
GV-600B 8 30/30 PCI-E DVI View Product
GV-600B 16 30/30 PCI-E DVI View Product
GV-650B 8 60/60 PCI-E DVI View Product
GV-650B 16 60/60 PCI-E DVI View Product
GV-800B 4 120/120 PCI-E DVI View Product
GV-800B 8 120/120 PCI-E DVI View Product
GV-800B 16 120/120 PCI-E DVI View Product
GV-900A 8 240/240 PCI-E DVI View Product
GV-900A 16 240/240 PCI-E DVI View Product
GV-900A 32 240/240 PCI-E DVI View Product
GV-1120B 16 480/120 PCI-E DVI View Product
GV-1240B 16 480/240 PCI-E DVI View Product
GV-1480B 16 480/480 PCI-E DVI View Product
GV-5016 16 480/480 PCI-E DVI View Product
GV-HD-SDI 4 240/240 PCI-E BNC View Product

Installing GeoVision DVR Cards

Installation is quick and simple.

  1. Plug the card you have purchased into the PCI-Express slot on your computer’s motherboard
  2. Connect your cameras using either the breakout connector or direct BNC connections
  3. Install the included drivers and GeoVision Software
  4. Start viewing and recording on your new surveillance system!

Camera Compatibility

Analog Security Cameras

Each GeoVision DVR Card supports a set number of analog security cameras based on the number of channels.

IP (Network) Surveillance Cameras

The GeoVision software supports up to a total of 32 IP cameras, but if you are using a GeoVision DVR Card, the number of IP cameras you can view and record with the software is reduced by the number of analog cameras you have connected to your card (you must turn off any un-used channels that are not connected in order to utilize those channels for IP cameras) . For Example: If you install a GV-900A 16 channel DVR card with 16 cameras connected, then you can only connect up to 16 IP cameras to that same computer/server. If only 8 cameras are connect to the 16 channel card, you can can turn off the other 8 channels in the software and connect up to 24 IP cameras for the total combined 32.

We have a large GeoVision IP Camera catalog, if you are in the market for cameras as well.

Non-GeoVision IP security cameras are supported, but require a license. Please contact us for more information regarding using non-GeoVision IP cameras or to purchase licensing.

For a list of compatible IP Cameras, please visit GeoVision’s IP Camera Compability Page.

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