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Secret Service to Bolster Surveillance Capabilities

The Department of Homeland Security announced this week that they will be sourcing specialty, government only surveillance cameras from Canon USA, Inc.

These custom security cameras will not be available to the public commercially and are for official Government use only.

The number of cameras being sourced through Canon is unknown at this time.

What are these custom CCTV cameras for?

Short answer? We don’t know.

GSN Magazine noticed that there was also a purchase notice for 30 wireless cellular modems made by Sierra Wireless of Carollton, TX. The Secret Service noted in the procurement notice: “The modems will be used to support covert video surveillance operations.”

We can only assume that the Secret Service is either improving upon current surveillance technology and systems, or they working to develop an entire new system/product for use by their agents.

Considering the two purchases, we can also assume that the cameras being purchased are wireless IP security cameras. Network cameras are becoming more popular, and the technology is improving drastically. Wireless, high resolution, high frame rate, low bandwidth cameras are now reaching the market, and of course the Government has the resources to attain products far beyond the capabilities of the consumer, so it is interesting to think what these cameras may be capable of.

How big are they? Are they going to be completely hidden in application? Will they be for recording purposes or just live viewing? Too many questions to ask…

Government surveillance is a hot topic. What are your thoughts on undisclosed, non-compete purchases like this?

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