AVerMedia DVR Cards

AVerMedia DVR Cards

Have you ever wanted to monitor your home or business, even when you were away? If so, then you are looking for a digital video recording (DVR) card. All you have to do is plug the DVR card into your computer’s PCI (or PCI-Express) slot, install the software, mount and connect your video surveillance camera, and you are good to go! With most surveillance software, you will not only be able to watch live surveillance footage, but you will also be able to record and display different cameras, at the same time, from any location.

AVerMedia produces some popular DVR cards that we have carried and supported for quite a while.

Minimum system requirements for most AVerMedia DVR Cards

  • 512 MB RAM
  • 80 GB Hard Drive
  • Intel Pentium 3 or greater processor

How DVR cards work for surveillance

  1. The security DVR card receives analog video from the surveillance camera, converting it into digital signals.
  2. These digital signals are compressed using standard, high quality video compression formats.
  3. The compressed digital signals are then sent to the hard drive for you to archive and/or playback.

AVerMedia NV Series – Windows based DVR cards

If you are looking for a Windows-based DVR card that is full of advanced features, offers great performance and search functionality, and helps you save hard drive space; then you should look no further than the AVerMedia NV series DVR card. The NV series has a whole host of features, including, but not limited to:

  • Pure hardware compression for enhanced picture quality
  • Low bit-rates
  • Reduced system costs
  • Helps to save hard drive space
  • Point of Sale integrations help to identify correlating retail transaction details to related video images
  • Comes with 4, 8, or 16 camera inputs to allow the user to expand the frame rates (fps) for longer recording times
  • Can be expanded to a maximum of 32 inputs to increase recording speed and/or camera capacity by combining multiple DVR cards
  • Allows the user to access their video footage from anywhere using AverMedia’s integrated remote functionality
  • Powerful search and playback options – video, event, visual, log, and even intelligent search modes
  • Audio and video recording synchronization

AVerMedia NV Series DVR Cards Reduce System Load

Everyone has experienced that gut wrenching moment, when all of their data is lost and their computer crashes. The AVerMedia NV series DVR card brings you a peace of mind with its enhanced built in processing power, helping to ease the burden on your computer.

No matter what you are looking for in a security DVR card, AVerMedia has a wide range of products to choose from with different recording frame rates, image recording quality, and expandability. Depending on how many channels you are looking for, different DVR cards will have varying frames per second (such as 30, 60, 120, 240, and 480), and this will determine the possible recording time of the device, and the number of cameras suitable for the system. AVerMedia Cards have a stackable structure, so you can increase your recording speed and expand your camera capacity.

The AVerMedia NV series DVR card is designed to meet all of your needs in a DVR card. Have you used AverMedia DVR cards? What do you think of their performance? Let us know!

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