Whether you work in the security industry as I do, or you are just checking out the latest viral videos on YouTube, people do some crazy things on surveillance cameras. I’ve seen some pretty strange things, especially when people don’t realize they’re under surveillance. Public surveillance has increased since 9/11, so if you’ve done the funky chicken while walking down a sidewalk, it just might be on tape! Let’s take a look at the eleven strangest things ever caught on a security camera.

Paranormal Activity

Many people are addicted to the various ghost busting programs that air on television these days, and one of the reasons why is because the paranormal investigators often catch inexplicable activity on surveillance footage. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, millions of people claim to have seen or filmed apparitions on CCTV cameras. They’re here…


Here’s another one that you may or may not believe. People also claim to have seen footage of UFOs or extra-terrestrial beings captured using home video equipment or surveillance cameras. I’m not certain that ET has been caught on any film other than big-budget Hollywood film, but if you check out some of the footage online, you just might become a believer.


Apparitions, aliens, and anomalies, oh my – a strange electrical current, lightning… something has been caught on CCTV cameras throughout the world, and experts are still hard-pressed to explain what it is. Flashes of lightning-looking objects shooting through CCTV footage have been chalked up to bugs, electricity, and a phenomenon called rods.


Cupid may not be a ghost or an alien, but the results of this mythical cherub often show up on security cameras. What makes this strange is how many people aren’t aware they’re being filmed. If you’re smooching in a commercial elevator, for example, you’ve been caught on tape! So here’s hoping you’re smooching with your significant other.

Office Pranks

If you aren’t smooching with your significant other on the hotel elevator, you’re in serious trouble. You might also be in serious trouble if you’re caught goofing off when you’re supposed to be working. Office pranks are another thing caught on surveillance footage – along with office thievery, so don’t try it. Check out what some people are doing instead of their monthly reports.

Random Acts of Kindness

Unfortunately, random acts of kindness are becoming a rather strange event in today’s hustle and bustle world because they are so rare. Security cameras often remind us that there are people out there who still believe in doing the right thing. How about somebody grabbing a fire extinguisher and putting out an engine fire for a panicked driver – it’s been taped.


Again, criminals might not seem too strange, but some of the things they do certainly are! It’s hard to imagine walking into any secured institution and thinking that you’re going to get away with robbing it cleanly. Nonetheless, many criminals do just that, only to find themselves out of luck and in handcuffs. Look at this criminal trying to bust through an alarm-locked door.

Stocking up on Supplies

The economy is still in a bit of a tailspin these days, forcing people to take drastic measures to ensure they have the necessities in their homes. Take a look at this woman about halfway through this CCTV camera footage. Apparently, she needed to stock up on some paper towels… a lot of them! Many people are caught stealing strange things on camera.

Clothing Adjustments

You probably also noticed a woman adjusting her pantyhose and skivvies while watching the camera footage linked to number seven. Many people are caught making all kinds of adjustments on security cameras, including adjusting their clothing, their underwear, picking their noses, and many other strange, personal, and private behaviors!

Attacks… of Friendship

Surveillance footage can sometimes be misleading – consider strange things numbers one, two, and three – and security cameras have been known to record what might initially look like a violent attack, only to reveal it’s just two friends horsing around. Take a look at this clip. It looks like a mugging, but in broad daylight? Nope. It’s just an attack of friendship.

Dancing… of Course

A UK woman’s CCTV dance footage went viral last year and she ended up with a dancing contract. Perhaps everyone thinks this will happen to them, because the number of people dancing on CCTV footage makes this our most prominent and final entry on the list. What’s strange about it? Have you seen how strangely many people dance?!

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